The conditions to be fulfilled to obtain a credit works

Renovation projects have enabled the valuation of many properties. This is a criterion that banks consider seriously, hence the application of low rates. Moreover, it is not difficult to apply for this kind of loan even if the conditions seem rather strict.

get a credit work

get a credit work

The bank always requires supporting documents to the extent that the loan works is an assigned credit. Indeed, the sum requested must correspond to the amount of the work to be done, hence the importance of the presentation of specifications.

In other words, you will not be able to use the amount granted to finance holidays or the purchase of a vehicle, for example. In addition, you must be the owner of the property to renovate.

The bank is also entitled to demand an insurance certificate covering the work. As for the simulation work loan Belgium, it is wise to compare the offers in order to control your expenses.

Can I use the work loan to reduce my energy consumption?

If you plan heavy renovations, you can take the opportunity to integrate some operations that will reduce your consumption. If your goal is only to reduce your energy costs, it is advisable to turn to an energy loan or a green loan.

The rates applied to credits for energy renovations are indeed lower compared to rates for a global renovation. In addition, it is possible to obtain bonuses for energy renovation, depending on the conditions applied in your area.

The green loan is recommended if you wish to:

  • replace your boiler
  • install photovoltaic panels
  • invest in a washing machine that consumes less
  • redo insulation
  • install double glazing
  • buy accessories that simplify the control of your consumption
  • etc.

This work can obviously be done one by one or combined. Before defining whether you need a work credit or an energy credit, consider having an audit of the house done. The professionals who intervene on the spot will indicate to you the improvements to be brought and the amount to be envisaged.

Why subscribe to a work loan?

Why subscribe to a work loan?

Above all, it must be remembered that the performance of works in compliance with the standards in force can be expensive. The loan application allows you not only to comply with the regulatory requirements but also to obtain a result that you like without digging into your savings.

Let’s not forget the security of this affected loan. If, for any reason, the project is canceled, the contract with the bank is also canceled. You will not have to repay a loan that you have not even used.

As mentioned above, the applied rates are advantageous. Because banks are informed in advance of the project, they require little additional documentation, which significantly reduces the cost of editing your file.

Add to that that you can negotiate the APR before signing the contract and being refunded, subject to conditions.

Council to get a credit works

Council to get a credit works

Virtually all Belbanks offer this credit. It is therefore clever to make a comparison and not rush because offers are variable. The best option for getting multiple simultaneous n proposals is probably simulation.

You fill in the fields (type of property, amount of work, credit duration, etc.) and you see several offers appear on the screen. All you have to do is contact the bank that interests you to take out your loan.