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The variety of loan offers works Walloon region allows the greatest number of jobs to take advantage of advantageous offers.

The loan works Walloon region, what you need to know

The loan works Walloon region, what you need to know

Going into the renovation of a house or house usually has two aspects that seem quite contradictory. On the one hand, they are a necessity if we want to be able to save energy, if we want to make a protective gesture for the environment.

But to realize these savings related to work that will make your home more energy efficient, sometimes you have to pay big money. It is to reconcile these aspects which seem nevertheless difficult to reconcile that the Walloon region puts in place various formulas to allow you to have access to a loan works Walloon region in the best conditions.

Ecopack and Renopack

Ecopack and Renopack

The Walloon government has so far proposed two main solutions for the zero rate loan for works. These are the Ecopack and Renopack devices. They undergo this course of year 2019 a redesign not of their philosophy, but modalities of application. They allow to touch not more than 30 000, but 60 000 euros to carry out extensive work at home, depending on the needs.

Completely remodeling an aging plumbing, treating the signs of tiredness of a roof or completely remaking the facade of a house in order to save energy is no longer a problem since this work can be financed by this loan rate zero.

They are repayable from now on over a period spread over 30 years. This is a major step forward, as it reduces the monthly repayments and makes them, in a way, equal to energy savings.

The operation, from a budget point of view, is relatively neutral for the owner who does not spend more money trying to renovate his house. When paying premiums, especially for energy-related work, the Walloon institutions are responsible for deducting them directly from the value of the loan.

What is supported by the Walloon region?

What is supported by the Walloon region?

If these loan offers supported by the Walloon region are open to the greatest number, it must still respect certain accessibility rules, as for any premium, in addition to ensuring its financial capacity to repay.

Thus, income criteria (less than 90,000 euros per year for the household), seniority of the property (10 years minimum), having a maximum of 2 children and other small points are to be taken into consideration. These criteria are relatively flexible to allow you to make renovations and energy savings, both are usually linked in the best possible conditions.

Do not hesitate to inquire if you meet the criteria mentioned above.

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